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Avy vs the Whippet

Avy vs The Whippet-164118

While out exploring Tynehead Regional Park Avy and I came across a friendly Whippet and his owner.   If you have any experience with Whippets you know that they are FAST.  This was Avy’s first time meeting one and she hadn’t yet been educated on just how fast they are.

They’re play started out innocently enough – Avy ran around happily chasing the Whippet (who was leaping over puddles with ease but still holding back on the speed so Avy could try and keep up).  The play didn’t last long as Avy got tired pretty quickly.  So we turned our attention to throwing sticks in a game of fetch.  Once again enter the Whippet…Avy was running after a stick and was almost on top of it when the Whippet decided he wanted to play too.  As quick as you could blink an eye he had overtaken Avy and was at the stick first – it was like Avy was standing still!

Don’t believe me?  Check out this video of their interaction:

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