Aava Hotel (dog-friendly hotel), Whistler, BC

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Hotel Features:
  • Dog friendly
  • No size restrictions
  • No breed restrictions

The dog-friendly Aava Hotel in Whistler, BC welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes to their hotel! For a modest housekeeping fee ($25/night) you can bring up to 2 dogs per room with you on your Whistler vacation.

Dog Friendly Amenities at the Aava:

On request you can have a water bowl placed in your room for your dog. The front desk staff may even slip in a treat or two to welcome your pooch!


The Aava respectfully requests that you not leave your dog alone in the room. If you have plans to be out for the day or evening there are many options for dog walks, hikes and sitters in Whistler. Contact the front desk and they would be happy to help you make arrangements!

Noise generated by your pet must not interrupt the experience for other hotel guests. You are also responsible for any damage your dog may do to the room.

Please pick up any pet waste and dispose of it properly.

Incidents involving aggressive dogs will not be tolerated and you will be asked to vacate the hotel premises.

Check out their "dog-friendly" page on their website for full details.

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A dog reclining on the bed in a dog friendly hotel.
Contact Information
4005 Whistler Way, Whistler, BC, Canada

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