Arbutus Village Park (on-leash), Vancouver, BC

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Park Features
Leashing Requirements:
  • On-leash areas
Other Features (Parks):
  • Playground
  • Lighted path
Park Governance: City, Municipal, Township, etc.

A beautiful neighbourhood park located off Arbutus Avenue in Kitsilano.  The park has a playground and a long path with green spaces on either side.  Dogs must be on-leash at all times but this is a great location for taking your dog for a stroll away from traffic and pavement.  Walking the entire path round trip takes about 10 minutes but there are plenty of park benches to sit and enjoy the day along the way.

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IMG 20170213 125842
IMG 20170213 125658
IMG 20170213 125701
4202 Valley Dr Vancouver BC Canada

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