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Bosumarne Falls - Chilliwack - BC (20)
Bosumarne Falls - Chilliwack - BC (15) - Lower Falls
Bosumarne Falls - Chilliwack - BC (26) - Narrow Bridge
Bosumarne Falls - Chilliwack - BC (7)
Bosumarne Falls - Chilliwack - BC (6)
Bosumarne Falls - Chilliwack - BC (25)
Bosumarne Falls - Chilliwack - BC (3) - Trailhead
Bosumarne Falls - Chilliwack - BC (5)
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The hike to Bosumarne Falls in Chilliwack, BC is short and relatively easy.  It starts on an old logging road that leads in to a path that will take you to both the upper and lower falls.  Follow the path until it forks up and down.  Follow the path down to get to the lower falls which are very pretty but nothing compared to the upper falls.

Once you have seen the lower falls go back and follow the upper path to get to the beautiful main falls.  The path gets a bit more technical with some rocks and stumps to go over, but it is a short walk - only 15 minutes or so - until you get to the top.

As you reach the top of the trail you will be able to hear the falls and before long you will be able to see them.  To get to the final section of trail you need to cross a short log bridge.  It is 3 logs wired together with no railings and can be quite bouncy.  Avy absolutely REFUSED to cross the bridge so she stayed back with Matt while I went up the final distance to the top.   Once across the bridge there is a log with notches cut out to walk up and a few large boulders to scramble over and you are there.

The view from the top of the trail is slightly more spectacular than it is from the bridge, but you can see almost as much from the bridge as you can from the top - so if your dog refuses to cross don't worry - you aren't missing much of the view.


The entrance to the hike is not well marked and parking is limited.  The old logging road is approximately 2kms before the Lindeman Lake parking area on Chilliwack Lake Road.  Watch for a telephone pole with "2017" written on it in blue and a small pull out at the side of the road - that is the beginning of the hike.

Thefts have been known to happen from cars along the road, so be sure to secure your vehicle and do not leave any valuables behind.

There is no official website for the trail and no signage in the area to indicate that dogs need to be kept on a leash, so we allowed Avy to hike off-leash.  Be aware that this is bear country however and make sure you take the appropriate precautions and don't let your dog roam too far.

Dog Features:
  • Off-leash trails
  • None
Garbage Cans:
  • None
Trail Features
Trail difficulty:
  • Beginner
Trail length:
  • Between 1 and 5 kilometers
Trail terrain:
  • Dirt or gravel
  • Rocky
  • Exposed roots
Elevation gain:
  • Mild
Elevation gain (exact): 75
Chilliwack Lake Road, Hope, BC, Canada

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