Downtown Dog (off-leash) Park, New Westminster, BC

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Park Features
Leashing Requirements:
  • Off-leash areas
Dog Features:
  • Fully fenced and gated off-leash enclosure
  • Double gated entry (to the off-leash enclosure)
  • Drinking water
Size of off-leash area (Parks):
  • Medium
Park Governance: City, Municipal, Township, etc.

Where can I take my dog in downtown New Westminster?

New Westminster has a small "downtown New West" dog park. The surface of the park is primarily gravel. At the park you will find trees, park benches, a drinking fountain, 'doggie' fire hydrants and garbage bins.

The entrance to the park is double gated to keep your dog safe as you come and go.

The day we visited the downtown dog park there was caution tape up through the park. It was still open but didn't feel super welcoming. I would recommend visiting nearby "Quayside Off-Leash Dog Park" instead. Quayside is small but it is grassy and a more pleasant experience.

Downtown Dog Park New Westminster BC 2
824 Agnes Street, New Westminster, BC, Canada

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