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Park Governance: City, Municipal, Township, etc.

The Northeast Woods (Lazo Marsh Conservation Area) was previously an on-leash area.  Despite the leash requirement many locals enjoyed walking their dogs off-leash on the many trails that make up the area.  The use of the trails caused some serious disputes between dog people and non-dog people leading the town to declare that dogs could be off-leash on the trails.  There is still old signage at the entrance to the trails saying that dogs must be on-leash.  There is also new signage warning users of the trails that they may encounter off-leash dogs in the woods.  Currently the Town of Comox has indicated that allowing the woods to be an off-leash area is a pilot project.

The trail system at the Northeast Woods is a perfect dog walking area.  There are a variety of trails to choose from some with flat terrain and others with hills to explore.  When we are visiting Comox the woods are a favourite walking spot for Avy and I.

Dog Features:
  • Off-leash trails
Garbage Cans:
  • Standard garbage cans
Trail Features
Other Features (Trails & Hikes):
  • Mountain bike trails
Trail difficulty:
  • Beginner
Trail length:
  • Between 1 and 5 kilometers
  • Between 5 and 10 kilometers
Trail terrain:
  • Sand
  • Dirt or gravel
  • Rocky
  • Exposed roots
Elevation gain:
  • Mild
Northeast Woods, Colby Road, Comox, BC, Canada

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