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Predatorbwear are patented protection harnesses to help keep your dog safer if they’re attacked by a coyote or other predator. The harness was created by 2 vets in North Vancouver, BC.

The harness is ideal for small to medium dogs who:

-hike in the woods

-are senior citizens

-are blind or deaf

-are recovering from either a surgery or injury

-are asocial

-live near a wooded area

Provides dogs with a protective harness used to deter unwanted rough play or aggression, coyotes, birds of prey, and any other predatory animal.

Utilizes a series of hard, hollow, rounded plastic spikes capable of preventing a predator from grabbing a pet with its jaws or claws.

This harness is very lightweight and breathable despite its appearance.

Check out the on-line catalogue to see all of the products available to order.

A dog wearing a coat with spikes on it
cloth strips with rubber spikes on them
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Business Email: [email protected]
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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