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Summit Lodge, Dog-Friendly Boutique Hotel, Whistler, BC

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  7. Summit Lodge, Dog-Friendly Boutique Hotel, Whistler, BC
Hotel Features:
  • Dog friendly
  • No surcharges for dogs
  • No size restrictions
  • No breed restrictions

This quaint hotel is one of the most dog friendly in Whistler.  The reception area event features a "VIP Dogs in Residence" board. The names of all the dogs staying at the hotel are written on the board.  There is also a 'dog station' in the sitting area of the lobby. It has water bowls and a bed. Perfect for your dog to rest on while you visit or relax.

When you check in your dog will be warmly welcomed and offered treats and snuggles by the reception staff. You will also find amenities including dog bowls, treats and a squeaky toy when you get to your room.

One of the most dog-friendly aspects of the Summit Lodge is that dogs stay free! Unlike most hotels there is no additional charge for bringing them along.

Summit Lodge Hotel 1
Summit Lodge Hotel 2


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Contact Information
Front Desk:
Business Email: [email protected]
4359 Main Street, Whistler, BC, Canada

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