Teapot Hill On-Leash Hike, Cultus Lake, BC

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Park Features
Leashing Requirements:
  • On-leash areas
  • Pit toilets
Park Governance: City, Municipal, Township, etc.
Trail Features
Trail difficulty:
  • Beginner
Trail length:
  • Less than 1 kilometer
  • Between 1 and 5 kilometers
Trail terrain:
  • Dirt or gravel
  • Rocky
  • Exposed roots
Trail elevation gain:
  • Mild

Teapot Hill is a popular dog-friendly (on-leash only) hiking trail in Cultus Lake, BC.

To get to the trailhead, take Columbia Valley Highway (also known as Cultus Lake Road), pass the waterslides, the golf course and Delta Grove Provincial Campground. Just after the campground you will find the Teapot Hill parking lot on your left. There is limited parking available so you may need to park a short distance away and walk back to access the trail.

The first part of the hike takes you up a service road and is a little less interesting, but you will soon find yourself at the top of the road where there is a signpost directing you to the Teapot Hill trail. The hike is significantly more interesting from this  point on, with more trail-like terrain and many teapots and teacups decorating the trees, stumps and hillside along the route.

Just before the top section of the hill is a large clearing which is popular for picnics or just taking a short break - and offers views almost as good as those from the top. The top of the hike boasts views of the lake and beyond. Spend a few minutes enjoying the scenery before you venture back the way you came.

The hike has some elevation but is relatively easy for most hiking levels.

Teapot Hill 7
Teapot Hill 6
Teapot Hill 3
Columbia Valley Highway, Cultus Lake, BC, Canada

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