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The Granville Island Pet Treatery, Vancouver, BC

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The Granville Island Pet Treatery first opened on Granville Island and its history dates back to 1985. Since then the bakery has expanded and you can find their treats in a variety of pet stores and of course, in their iconic caboose store on Granville Island. You can also purchase their treats via their on-line store.

As the treatery has grown in size they continue to make the following promises:

  • We use only human quality, natural ingredients - our health standards are no different to yours
  • Our healthy herbal supplements are all natural, chemical- free and utilize the same plants and herbs your dog would seek in nature
  • A healthy alternative to chemical laden supplements
  • Oven-dried bites bake in health without losing nourishment or herbal efficacy
  • We feel the same way as you about artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sweeteners
  • Made in North America is a permanent commitment
  • Vet recommended
Granville Island Pet Treatery Treats
Grandville Island Pet Treatery, Vancouver, BC - Caboose
Contact Information
Business Email: [email protected]
1496 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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