Tofino Brewing Company (dog-friendly patio), Tofino, BC

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Restaurant Details
Restaurant Type:
  • Brewery
Dog-friendly Dining Options:
  • Patio / outdoor dining

The Tofino Brewing Company has a dog-friendly patio where they are happy to welcome your dog. While you are there you can enjoy delicious flights of beer and light snacks. If you are looking for something a little more hearty to enjoy with your beer, the Toki Doki food truck is conveniently located right next to the front patio!  Note: Toki Doki is open from 12-7 every day so if you are planning a meal with your beer, make sure you arrive in time!

Beer to go:

Want to take some awesome Tofino Brewing Company beer home with you?  You're in luck. You can purchase cans of beer to take home, or even have your growler filled.

Keeping your Dog Safe and Cool While Enjoying a Patio:

There is nothing like enjoying a nice summer patio with your dog by your side. But it is important to remember that patio's can get HOT. So you need to make sure that you are taking some steps to ensure your dogs safety and comfort while enjoying the patio.

  • Find a table with a shady spot so your dog can stay out of the sun
  • Bring along your own water bowl, in case the location you visit doesn't provide them (we like the outward hound collapsible water dish)
  • Keep an eye on your dog and be prepared to leave if they are starting to look uncomfortable
Tofino Brewing Company Dog Friendly Patio 3
Tofino Brewing Company Dog Friendly Patio 1
Tofino Brewing Company Dog Friendly Patio 2
691 Industrial Way, Tofino, BC, Canada

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