Westburnco (off-leash dog park), New Westminster, BC

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Westburnco Off-Leash Dog Park is located next to the Westburnco Sports Courts. The park makes use of a long and narrow green space at the end of the court area. While the park is not huge, it is long enough to play a great game of fetch.

There is a garbage can at the entrance to the park. There is also a double-gate entry to help keep your dog safe. As with all New Westminster Dog Parks there is a poop bag recycling cylinder at the entry gate. This relies on other park users to leave extra bags so it is not always full.

Parking at Westburnco Dog Park

While the Westburnco Sports courts do have a small parking lot, it is on the opposite side of the fenced area from the dog park. To get to the dog park you have to walk around the entire sport court perimeter.

A better option for accessing the dog-park is to park on Churchill Avenue and walk up to the off-leash area.

  • Off-leash areas
Dog Features:
  • Fully fenced and gated off-leash enclosure
  • Double gated entry (to the off-leash enclosure)
Size of off-leash area (Parks):
  • Medium
Other Features (Parks):
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Ball hockey
Garbage Cans:
  • Standard garbage cans
Westburnco Off-Leash Dog Areas, East 10th Avenue, Burnaby, BC, Canada

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