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The Whyte Lake trail head is located in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, B.C.  This short, picturesque trail is an excellent place to explore with your dog on a sunny afternoon.  The majority of the trail is designated as off-leash and the terrain is moderate.   Plan for approximately 2 hours round trip to complete the trail (more if you want to stop and enjoy the lake at the top).

There is a small section of trail at the top portion that is environmentally sensitive and therefore designated as on-leash.  This section is well marked on the trail posts so you will know when it is time to leash up your pup.

Some sections of the trail are more technical with exposed roots and rocks but the majority is relatively easy.  See the pictures attached to this listing to get a sense of the terrain and the views along the way.

Check out the video tab for a look at the trail, terrain and scenery on the hike.

Dog Features:
  • Off-leash trails
  • None
Garbage Cans:
  • Standard garbage cans
Trail Features
Trail difficulty:
  • Intermediate
Trail length:
  • Between 5 and 10 kilometers
Trail terrain:
  • Rocky
  • Exposed roots
Elevation gain:
  • Moderate
5626 Westport Road, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

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