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Does Your Dog Have a Second Name?

Avy in the founatin

Everyone knows that one of the toughest decisions to make when you bring home a new furry addition to the family is what to name them. You want to find that perfect name that suits your new dogs personality and is easy for you to say and your dog to respond to when calling it across a crowded dog park. I spent weeks testing out new names for Avy before I finally settled on the perfect one.

What I quickly found though, is once Avy had lived with her name for awhile she seemed to “randomly” develop a second name – Doodle. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to how this name came about. I didn’t try it out, think about it or agonize over whether it suited her, it just happened. Now she is routinely known as “Avy Doodle”.

I may have thought that this is just a strange aspect of my personality – assigning my dog a random second name – but then I discovered that other people do it too. My sister’s dog Rocky became “Rocky Pants”. My parents dog Sally became “Sally Doopers”. My neighbours dog Red became “Red Bones”.

So now I’m curious – do others have this peculiar habit?  Does your dog have a random second name?  And if so what is it?  We’d love to hear the adorable combinations that people have come up with!  Please share in the comments.  🙂

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