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Dog Friendly Hotel Review: The Inn at Laurel Point (Victoria, BC)

Avy is pretty happy on her comfy bed!

Avy and I have had the opportunity to visit a variety of hotels while travelling together (something that we LOVE to do). One distinction that I have found over time is that there is a BIG difference between a hotel that allows dogs and one that is truly dog friendly.

There are a few key things that take a hotel from one that allows dogs to stay and one that welcomes them with open arms:

  • Hotel staff enjoy and welcome your dog (often with treats as they enter the lobby).
  • There are dog amenities in the room such as a dog bed and food/water bowls.
  • Treats and doggie bags are provided.
  • Helpful information such as nearby dog parks or places to walk your dog are included.

After visiting the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria, BC I can enthusiastically say that the hotel is truly dog friendly. I wasn’t initially expecting to take Avy with me on this particular trip, but at the last minute I found myself without dogcare. A quick e-mail to the hotel and I was able to confirm that a dog friendly room was available.

What a relief! The hotel responded to my inquiry within 10 minutes of my sending it and asked the name of my dog and her breed/size so that they could provide an appropriate welcome package. Needless to say I was relieved!

When we arrived Avy was enthusiastically greeted by the valet with snuggles and a treat. When we entered the lobby to check in she was equally welcomed by the front desk clerk who came around the counter to greet her. These simple actions endeared Avy to the employees and encouraged her to be on her BEST behaviour when entering and going through the lobby.

When we arrived at the room there was a large dog bed waiting for Avy – which she immediately went to check out. There was also a large food and water bowl – each with a complimentary “poop bag” ready just in case I had forgotten to pack mine. On the counter were two homemade dog treats – straight from the hotel kitchen. There was also a welcome card that explained the hotels dog policy and a map showing nearby dog parks and greenspaces – everything I could have asked for.

Even though we were only at the hotel for a night the entire experience was very positive. Literally every hotel employee we encountered – from cleaners in the hallway to the manager who came out of his office to say hello – made both Avy and I feel extremely welcome.

Because Avy accompanying me on the trip was last minute I needed to find something for her to do while I attended my meetings. When we checked in I asked the front desk if they were aware of any dog sitters that would come to the hotel to walk and stay with Avy. They called around and on very short notice were able to find me a local dog walker who was available the next day. The staff were very helpful and more than willing to do whatever it took to make our stay as perfect as possible.

On top of the hotel being so dog friendly it is also in a beautiful and impressive location. Because it is on a point literally every room has a beautiful view of the ocean and a small balcony so you can step outside and enjoy the fresh air. The location is perfect too – close to the fishermans wharf and within walking distance of the Parliament buildings and even downtown.

The rooms at the hotel are large and have a seating area so you can relax at the end of your busy day and enjoy the view.   My friend and I ordered room service for dinner and enjoyed being able to sit and have dinner with a view. The bathroom is also large and well appointed with spa toiletries to enjoy.

If you find yourself visiting Victoria I recommend that you check out the Inn at Laurel Point.  Avy and I will definitely be back!

A beautiful view from our room at the laurel point inn
A beautiful view from our room

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