Dog Friends and Dog Visits

It always amazes me how many “human” traits my dog can display. Avy is a very social dog and she LOVES to visit with her friends. Yesterday spending the afternoon with Kane was right up her alley and today she clearly wanted to continue that trend. We met up with our friends Jen and Luca (see the snow day post for a description of Avy and Luca’s hike last weekend) for a walk in Pacific Spirit Park. The dogs had a great time as usual, chasing each other and wrestling the whole way.

When we got home I was looking forward to having a tired dog while I did some house cleaning. Instead Avy kept going to the door and crying. Thinking she needed to go out I took her out for a walk. As soon as we got out of the apartment door though, she went straight to the back stairway and wanted to go upstairs (Jen and Luca live on the 3rd floor of our building). We went back inside and she kept repeating the behaviour. Finally I texted Jen to tell her about it and she invited us up for tea.

As soon as we got to the third floor Avy raced down the hall and sat in front of Luca’s door, she knew exactly where we were going. In we went and while Jen and I had tea Avy and Luca played tug of war with Luca’s rope toy. After awhile off we went back home, Avy quite happy now that she’d had her visit.

Given that Avy knows how to open doors I am quite certain that I could let her out into the hall and she would happily navigate the building, visiting with her friends on other floors before coming home to relax. It’s good to have friends. 😀

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