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Dog Games: “Find it”

Dog treat

We’ve all been here….it’s pouring rain outside, nobody wants to go out but your pooch is starting to get restless.  A good walk seems like it’s out of the question, so what can you do to keep your dog (and yourself) entertained?

One of Avy’s favourite games is “find it” or “hide and seek”.  I send Avy into another room and tell her to “stay”.  Then I take a handful of training treats (small treats that have a reasonably strong scent) and hide them around the living room.  Once all of the treats are hidden I tell Avy to find it – that’s her cue to come out of the room and start sniffing out the treats.

When I first started to play this game with Avy I put the treats in relatively easy to find places.  As we played more often I got more creative with where the treats were cushion – under her dog bed, under a cushion, up high or down low, etc.  So Avy would have to work harder to find them.

The end result of this game is that Avy gets to challenge her scenting skills and the mental challenge tires her out a bit.  Not to mention she gets to indulge in a few extra treats.

For a description of this game as well as several other scenting games you can play with your dog check out this article from Modern Dog Magazine.

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