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Dog Gift Guide 2020 – Gift Ideas for Dogs and their Humans

Christmas Presents

We have scoured the internet for the best gifts we could find for the dogs and dog lovers in your life. Check out our recommendations for fun and unique gifts for your loved ones.

Kong Wobbler

Kong wobbler 1
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This toy is an Avy favourite. Put some treats or kibble inside it and let your dog bat it around while they slowly fall out. It will keep them (and you) highly entertained! Like all Kong products, the Wobbler is exceptionally durable. Even the most aggressive of chewers should not be able to destroy it.

Snuffle Mat

Dog snuffle mat bowl 3
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A snuffle mat is a great way to occupy your pup when they are feeling bored. It’s also a perfect solution for a dog that likes to gobble down their dinner too quickly. Sprinkle the kibble around the mat and tuck it under the folds. Your dog will have to sniff out the treats, making this a high reward game for them to play. The mat we recommend can be cinched up into a bowl to slow down a fast eater or laid out flat as an entertaining game.

Classic Kong

A dog on it's back chewing on a kong toy
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Do you know someone with a new puppy? Or do you need to find a way to redirect your dog’s chew instinct? You can’t go wrong with the Classic Kong. The toy comes in various sizes in an extremely durable material that makes it difficult for even the strongest chewer to destroy. Fill it with peanut butter and/or another treat, and your dog will be occupied for quite some time.

Walk Ease Gloves

Walkease glove for dog owners by best friend apparel
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Finally, a product made especially for dog owners! How many times have you had to balance your gloves under your arm, trying not to drop them, while you wrestle open a poop bag? The Walk Ease glove is designed with fingertips that make it easy to open a poop bag while wearing them. They also have a little pocket on the top where you can stash an extra bag or two for those times when you have a “poop bag emergency.” For more info on these gloves, check out our Walk Ease Glove review.

Yippie Yak Chew

Yippy yak himalayan yak cheese natural dog chew1
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Does your dog love to chew? Can they motor through a bullystick in minutes, making you wonder if it was worth the money to keep them busy for such a short amount of time? If you have answered yes to these questions, the Yippie Yak Himalayan Dog Chew may be for you. Made from Himalayan Yak cheese, these chews are very long-lasting, making them well worth the investment. For full details on our experiences with yak chews, check out our review.

Furminator Dog Brush

Furminator deshedding tool
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Does your dog shed? Do you find you have tumbleweeds of fur making their way down your hallway and gathering in the corner? The Furminator brush may be for you. One of the primary de-shedding brushes on the market, it’s a spa treatment for your dog and a cleaner house for you – everybody wins.


Cozy Blanket

Cozy blanket
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It may not be the most traditional gift for a dog, but dogs love a cozy blanket as much as we humans do! Avy loves to steal my favourite cozy blanket to cuddle up with. If you are looking for a unique gift that you can share with your dog, invest in a super soft cozy blanket – your dog will thank you.

LED Dog Collar

Bseen led dog collar
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Dark winter nights can make taking the dog for a walk a dangerous endeavour. Keep yourself (and your loved ones) safe by gifting them an LED collar. The bright orange colour cuts through the dark and alerts drivers that you are there.

Dog DNA Test

Dna my dog1
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Give the dog lover in your life the gift of a Dog DNA test. Not only will it tell them what breed (or a mix of breeds) their dog is, it will also outline common traits and potential health concerns of each breed. Help them tailor their training plan and have a proactive health care plan for their furry family member.

Pet wand shower attachment

Pet shower attachment
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Every dog parent knows that bath time is rarely a fun (or easy) event for the dog OR their human. Make bath time just a little more comfortable with the pet bathing tool. The shower attachment fits over your hand – allowing you to use both hands while bathing your dog and soak the dense areas of their fur. It’s a perfect gift for the pet owner in your life.

Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Airline approved pet carrier
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Are you or a loved one planning to travel with a pet in the new year? Make their planning easier by gifting them an “airline approved” pet carrier. The carrier is approved for pets up to 22 lbs and fits under most airline seats allowing your pet to travel with you. The bag features a firm bottom with a fleece pad for comfort, and mesh on the top and sides provide ventilation.

Happy Paws Dog Safe Candle

Happy paws candle
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Looking for the perfect hostess gift for a dog lover in your life? The Happy Paws Candle Company specializes in making natural candles with scents that are safe for dogs. This beautiful candle comes in an eco-friendly box that is both good for the environment and easy to wrap. You may have found the perfect holiday gift!

Dog Theme Wine Glass

Dog wine glass 1
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Do you have a wine loving dog person in your life?  Make their Christmas with this dog themed wine glass reading “In dog wines I’ve only had one”. The ideal gift for the wine lover in your life.

Bluetooth Tracker For Dogs

Gps tracker for dogs
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Do you have a dog who likes to wander? Find peace of mind with a Bluetooth tracker. The tracker attaches to your dog’s collar, and you can track their location using an app on your phone. The device also functions as a fitness tracker, which allows you to ensure that your dog is getting enough exercise.

Woven Cotton Rope Basket

Cotton rope basket
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If you have a dog or have a friend or family member who does, you have probably noticed that dog “stuff” tends to take over the living room. Keep dog toys and chews tidy in this attractive woven rope basket. It is big enough to contain even the most spoiled dogs toys, and the colour will match almost any decor.

Lick Mat

Dog lick mat1
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Need to find a way to keep your dog occupied while you give them a bath or brush out their fur? If so, the Lick Mat is the gift for you! The mat suctions to shower walls (or other surfaces), and you can smear peanut butter into the groves. Your dog will be so distracted licking all of the peanut butter they won’t notice that grooming is taking place.

Dog Biscuit Tin

Dog biscuit tin
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If you’re tired of  unsightly bags of dog treats taking up space on your counter then it’s time to invest in an attractive biscuit tin. This tin is an attractive retro-style and can make any countertop look good. If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift for a new dog owner fill it with treats and add a red bow for an instant new pet-parent present.

Set of 5 Dog Baking Trays and Cookie Cutters

Dog baking kit
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Do you love to bake? Tired of trips to the store for dog treats? This dog baking set has what you need to create your own dog biscuits. Two silicone baking trays have dog bone and paw shapes and there are 3 bone shaped cookie cutters. Your dog will thank you.

Dog Father Whisky Glass

Dog father whisky glass
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The perfect gift for the whisky lover in your life. This attractive glass comes boxed and ready to be wrapped and put under the tree. Celebrate your favourite dog Dad with this unique gift.

Paw and Nose Balm Wax for Dogs

Dog paw balm
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Winter can be tough on a dogs paw and nose. The cold weather can dry them out, leading to painful cracking, and salt on sidewalks and walkways can do further damage. Help protect your dogs nose and paws from the elements with this Vet created balm.

Waterproof Pet Blanket

Waterproof dog blanket
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There is nothing like cuddling up with your dog on the couch. But when your dog is wet – or worse, muddy – this can be hard on your furniture. This soft waterproof blanket both protects your furniture (or car, or bed), it is also nice and cozy. Best yet it is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Large Pet Towel

Dog microfibre towel
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Are you tired of using your good towels to wipe down your dog after a rainy or muddy walk? Why not get them a towel of their own? This highly absorbent towel has a paw print towel that guarantees you won’t mix it up with your regular towels.

Dog Themed Kitchen Apron

Dog apron
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This dog themed apron is an ideal gift for the cook or baker in your life. It is long enough to protect the wearer from spills and splashes, and it has 3 pockets to store extra kitchen tools. If you want to add something extra to this gift, there are also matching heat resistant oven mitts available.

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