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Dog Services Holiday Tipping Guide

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This time of year, I always start to think about how much to tip my regular services providers. Among them are the wonderful people who help care for my dog throughout the year. I have put together this guide for the tipping of dog-related services to help check that item off your Christmas “to-do” list.

The most important rule of tipping is to tip what you can afford. While a tip or a gift for a service provider is a nice gesture and always appreciated, it is not necessary. If you can’t afford to tip, consider giving a lovely Christmas card with a handwritten note expressing your thanks.

Tipping Guide

Dog Daycare

Depending on the size of your doggie daycare, there may be anywhere from 3-4 to 10+ staff working with your dog. Instead of trying to recognize all of them individually, consider a group gift.

Bring by a coffee service and some treats from a local coffee shop, give a box of chocolates or bring in a tray of catered sandwiches for a holiday lunch. Include a card with a handwritten note of thanks to the team.

Dog Walker

If you regularly use a dog walker, a good rule of thumb is to tip an amount the equivalent to what you would normally pay them for a week of service. If you prefer to give a gift, consider something that will help them in their business, such as the Walkease Glove designed for dog owners.

Something to pamper themselves like a spa treatment is another great choice.

Dog Groomer

According to it is customary to tip 10-20% after a regular service. At Christmas it is a nice gesture to double the regular tip amount. If you are a regular customer of the groomer all year long, then a card with a handwritten note and a cash gift is always appreciated.

Dog Sitter

If you have someone who often stays with your dog, then tipping 15-20% above what you would normally give is appropriate. If you use a dog boarding facility, then a tip is generally not expected or required. If you would like to recognize the staff, then dropping off a gift basket of treats for the staff to enjoy would be a nice gesture.

Our dogs are furry family members, and the people who help us take care of them are essential to us. Recognizing those individuals at Christmas, whether it is with a gift, homemade baking, or cash, is a great gesture and something that is always appreciated.

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