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Brohm Lake (off-leash) Hiking Trails, Squamish, BC

Brohm Lake (27)

This weekend Avy and I ventured back to Squamish (you’ll recall a post from a couple weeks ago when we went to explore the Smoke Bluffs trail system) for a hike with our friends Jen and Luca. Jen had done some research on dog friendly hikes in the area (many of the trails are too technical or have too many cliffs to be safe for dogs) and we decided to check out Brohm Lake.

There are quite a few trails that you can explore in the park, but for our adventure we started at the Alder trail and took it through to the High trail until we got to the lake. Then we looped back along the Bridge Trail until we came back to the Alder trail.

This hike was absolutely beautiful – one of those trails where every corner you turn has you exclaiming “I love this hike!” The area is rated as “intermediate” probably because there are a few steep area’s with loose rocks that are a bit more technical, but the most elevation you gain at any one time is 100 meters – but be prepared to go up and down this several times.

The natural beauty of the area is breathtaking and you never know what you are going to encounter along the way. While we were on the High Trail we came across a bridge that had been pulled up by a tree that had fallen – it was a very cool sight.

As usual Avy had a great time chasing (and being chased) Luca along the trails and by the time we were done (an hour and a half later) she was tired and ready for a nap. Since we didn’t do the entire trail route we will definitely be back – but next time I think we have another destination in mind.

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