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Hotel Review: Delta Whistler Village Suites, Whistler, BC

The front entrance of The Delta Whistler Suites

Before Christmas we decided to take a trip to Whistler for a getaway and to have some fun in the snow. We opted to stay at the Delta Whistler Village Suites as they are in a convenient location and they allow dogs. Like any hotel experience there were some positives and negatives with the stay.

The positives

  • Location: The hotel is located just off the village stroll so there is plenty of shopping and places to eat close by.
  • There is a convenient greenspace behind the hotel where you can take your dog for a quick bathroom break in the morning or before bed.
  • There are also nearby garbage cans for easy disposal of dog waste.
    The hotel has a heated pool and 3 hot tubs which are great for relaxing after a busy day.
  • The price is competitive compared to other hotels in the area.

The negatives

  • While the hotel allows dogs, they are not what I would consider to be “dog friendly”. There are no amenities for dogs such as a dog bed/blanket, treats or dog bowls for the room. Remember to bring your own.
  • Unlike other dog friendly hotels the front desk staff and doormen do not keep treats on hand to welcome your dog. While it doesn’t seem like much, being greeted with a treat will go a long way to making your dog have a positive association when walking through the hotel lobby.
  • Our room was located on the Village Stroll side of the building directly above Garfinkel’s Nightclub. The lineup for the club was underneath our 4th floor window and the laughter and conversations were incredibly loud – keeping us awake until well after 1:00 am. If you would like to have a quiet nights sleep ask for a room in another area of the hotel.

Overall I would give the experience a solid 3/5 stars.  Would I go back?   Probably…but I would most likely explore some of the other dog friendly hotels throughout Whistler first.

My scores out of 5

Cleanliness:   ****

Amenities:     ****

Dog Friendly:    **

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