Reconnecting with Dog Park Friends

One of the best things about Spring is the chance to reconnect with some of your dog park friends – furry and human. Over the winter Avy and I have been trying different activities – new hiking trails and other dog parks around the city. Somehow the idea of standing in my local field in the dark and rain just wasn’t all that appealing. Clearly others thought so too because the few times we did go we didn’t find many other dogs.

Now that the weather has improved I decided to venture to the park with Avy and see if there was anyone around. Lucky for us one of Avy’s favourite park buddies Kuppa – a 4 year old Pitt Bull with lovely owners – was there. Avy and Kuppa spent some time chasing the frisbee and playing before Kuppa had to go home. As they were leaving another old friend – Toulouse – and her 2 owners arrived. We haven’t seen them since Fall so it was a great opportunity to catch up on what everyone had been up to and to compare notes on our favourite dog related activities. I now have some tips on new hiking trails to try (and so do they) and some dog friendly camping ideas. To top it off we also made a new friend – a young Bernese that recently moved into the neighbourhood. She was highly energetic and happy to chase Avy around the park.

As much as I absolutely LOVE hiking with Avy on the weekends it was really great to reconnect with our favourite park and some of our favourite dogs. I can’t wait to see who else we connect with over the next few weeks.


Avy makes new friends
Avy makes new friends

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