Sunny Sunday’s

Weekends are my favourite time to spend with Avy – we usually try to make the most of the time by going for a run in Pacific Spirit Park or for a hike on the North Shore. Today we woke up to a BEAUTIFUL sunny day and as luck would have it we had plans to go for a run on the trails. So we picked up my running partner Ray and off we went. It was a PERFECT trail day – the puddles weren’t too muddy (at least not as bad as last week) and the temperature was perfect. Everyone else obviously thought so too as we met lots of other people on the way – including my neighbour Jodie and Avy’s friend Molly.

Being on the trails reminded me that they are also home to hundreds of Coyotes and spring is when they are protecting their pups, making them likely to be more aggressive. I happened to pick up a pamphlet about co-exsisting with Coyotes the other day and thought it would be a good time to put out a reminder on sharing the space.

The number one rule if you encounter a Coyote on the trails is DON’T RUN. Like with dogs, running from a Coyote may trigger it’s instinct to chase you. Instead stay calm, make yourself as big as possible and shout at it to go away.

Never feed a Coyote. Coyote’s that have been fed by humans are more likely to become aggressive.

If there are aggressive Coyote’s in the area (often there will be signs) keep your pet on a leash and under supervision.

Take some time to educate yourself – it pays to be Coyote aware.

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