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Sunset Beach Dog Park – Morning Fun

Lately Ave and I have been getting bored of going to the same places over and over again. While the trails at Pacific Spirit park will always be a favourite for us new adventures are always fun and we’re always game to check out a new place.

This morning Avy and I ventured over the bridge to the West End to go to Sunset Beach with our friends Jesse and Alice. Sunset Beach is a dog beach located on the North side of the Burrard Street Bridge (next to the aquatic centre). It’s not a big beach, but it’s private with enough space for the dogs to run around or have a good swim.

The beach

While we were at the beach we met a very handsome 2 year old Husky named Jake and the girls had a great play and chase with him, resulting in tired, happy dogs. The beach has a rocky area but there is also plenty of sand. The Aqua bus has a stop at the beach and dogs are welcome on board if you feel like doing a tour on the water – or if you need to get yourself and our pooch to another area of the city. Check out their website for routes and rates.

The aqua bus at sunset beach

The Aqua Bus at Sunset Beach



"hey guys, whatcha digging there?!? "
“Hey guys, whatcha digging there?!?”


Avy and friends
Avy and Friends