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The Avy Diaries – Part 1: What is This Telework Thing?


Something strange is going on. My mom was home for the WHOLE week, and we didn’t go on any adventures!

Usually, my mom goes somewhere called “work” every day, and I get to go to Doggie Daycare. It’s my job to make sure that all of the other dogs at the daycare are behaving themselves. Nobody asks me to do this job, but I know what needs to be done. This week my mom wasn’t allowed to go to work. She said there is a nasty virus called “covid-19” and we have to stay home to keep it from spreading. Apparently covid-19 comes from coronavirus. Sometimes my mom drinks a corona but apparently that’s not the same thing. This coronavirus can make people really sick so it’s important to stay away from other people as much as possible.

Other times when my mom has been home, we have gone on something called a vacation. This is super fun, we go camping or to visit some of my favourite family members.

There are always lots of hikes and walks and people around to play with all day. This week was different. Mom said she had to do the “telework” and I had to be quiet and behave myself. Sometimes she talks to other people on her computer, and she usually calls me over to say hello. Everyone gets REALLY excited when I come over, and then they show me their dogs. It’s lots of fun. She seems to talk on the computer a lot.

When she is not doing the telework, Mom and I go for a nice walk every day. It’s good for her to get outside, so I make sure that she gets out and about. I get to run and sniff in the forest, which is fun,

but I miss my friends at daycare.

I have to admit that I’ve been getting a bit bored. On Tuesday, I got to have a raw bone, so that was pretty good. It’s also been sunny out every day. Mom lets me sit on the balcony so that I can monitor the neighbourhood. At least I can still make sure that everything is secure! On Friday, I brought a stick that I had been storing on the balcony inside so I could have a good chew on my bed. Mom got really excited when she saw that, and she put the stick back outside. I don’t understand what the big problem was.

The best part of having Mom home all the time is that I get lots of loves. But even though I love having her around, I hope that she goes back to work soon so that I can see my friends again. Maybe the weekend will be better.

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