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The Avy Diaries – Part 3: Sunday Funday


I love Sundays! Usually on Sundays mom and I sleep in a bit and then relax on the couch before we start our adventuring. She calls it the “cuddle couch”. Sometimes we watch a movie together but today she had the news on. The people on the news all have really serious faces. They were saying that too many people were going out and that social-distancing wasn’t being taken seriously enough. Mom said we had to do better today.

It wasn’t as sunny out today as it was yesterday but there were still lots of cars parked at the entrance to the trails. Mom let me off my leash but every time we saw people or another dog coming I had to go back on. I wasn’t allowed to go and say hi to everyone like I usually do. I didn’t mind too much because I got to have a treat every time my leash went back on. There were still lots of trails where nobody was walking so I got to run around and get my zoomies out. Mom was pretty happy about that.

After our walk mom went to the store where she buys my food and treats. This is my favourite store! It smells really good in there and I always get treats from the nice people who work there. Today mom said I had to stay in the car. It is too hard for her to stay away from other people if I am there with her smelling all of the good smells. When she came out she had a bag of my food and a REALLY big bag of treats so I forgave her for not letting me go in.

We spent the rest of the day at home. Mom was cooking (she seems to be doing a lot more of that lately). I had to supervise of course, just in case she accidentally dropped anything on the floor. I like to help her keep the floor clean. Tomorrow mom has to do the telework again. I hope I get to say hi to all the dogs on the computer!

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