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The Avy Diaries – Part 4: Monday Blues


Today was a pretty boring day. Mom was back doing the telework today, and I didn’t even get to say hi to the other dogs on the computer. It was raining too, so I didn’t get to sit outside on the deck very much. How am I supposed to make sure the neighbourhood is secure?

I passed most of the time by napping in all my favourite places. I slept on the couch, my bed, the carpet, the floor by the patio door… I had to make sure I covered all of the spots. My mom took me for a walk, which was fun, but people were staying even farther away than they were yesterday. Mom said that this is good, and it’s important that we keep our distance from other people, but I missed saying hi to all of the other dogs.

After dinner, I got to chew on a raw bone. I love raw bones! That kept me very busy for a few hours. I slept really well after that too. Mom says that maybe tomorrow I can talk to the other dogs on the computer, that will be fun. For now, I am making sure I snuggle my mom a lot, I don’t want her to feel sad either. I hope all of the other dogs are there are having lots of snuggles with their humans too!

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