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Therapy Dogs Bring Comfort to Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting

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After the horrifying massacre in Las Vegas this week one heartwarming story that has emerged is the arrival of 17 therapy dogs to help comfort victims of the shooting. LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs deployed 17 friendly pups to assist those in need of support. The dogs have been busy visiting some of the victims who are recovering in the hospital. Another therapy dog group – Michael’s Angel Paws – has also brought therapy dogs to visit those who are recovering.

Most dog owners will agree that coming home to cuddle your dog after a particularly trying day is very calming and comforting. The same applies to the use of therapy dogs. Having the dogs visit those who are recovering helps to relieve some the stress and anxiety that they may be feeling. Additionally it has been noted that the use of therapy dogs after a traumatic incident such has this can help keep Post-Traumatic-Stress Syndrome from developing.

Therapy Dogs aren’t only helping people in Vegas in the wake of the shootings. reports that LAX Airport in Los Angeles has also increased the number of comfort dogs located throughout their terminals in response to the devastating shootings in Vegas.


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