Trail Running

You may remember from an earlier post that one of the main activities I had hoped to engage in with Avy when I adopted her was running. I love to run and I hoped my dog would love it as much as I do. Today I was heading out to the trails at Pacific Spirit Park with a friend, and since they’re all leashing optional it seemed like a great time to give running with Avy another go.

Avy was fantastic – she was thrilled to be out in the woods and had a great time running along, keeping her own pace but never getting too far away. She stopped a couple of times for a quick play with another dog along the way, but a couple of calls and she was back with us, running along.

The length of the run, time wise was just under an hour, but since I was running instead of walking the distance was quite a bit farther than Avy usually goes on a trail walk. At times Avy has had her herding instincts kick in when she gets tired and she’s tried to nip at my knee to let me know she’s done. Today she was great until almost the very end when she started to get a little nippy. A couple of quick corrections and she didn’t try again.

At the end of the run Avy was nicely tired and curled up on the back seat of the car for a nap on the way home. Overall it was a great run – I got to run with a friend and Avy had a great time too. I think it’ll be a weekly tradition!

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