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Unique Exercie Options for your Dog

This afternoon I was on a quest to find some new and interesting ways to tire Avy out. I LOVE hiking and running with Avy but there are days (especially in Vancouver) when the rain has me beating a hasty retreat for shelter. So I started to do some research into new and interesting ways to exercise Avy. What I found was pretty wild!!

  • Doga:   Simply put “doga” is yoga for dogs . In most cases human and dog interact together in various poses to stretch and relax. Check out the Wikipedia page on the activity.
  • Dog Dance:   Ever wished you could teach your dog to dance? Well you CAN! Many cities are now offering dog dance classes – a place you can take your dog to learn how to keep time to the music with you. If you can’t find a suitable class close to you checkout YouTube for some instruction videos.
  • Dog Treadmills:   Yup, you read that right, you can get a treadmill for your dog. Several companies make treadmills specifically designed for dogs but according some sources you can train your dog to walk on a human treadmill as well. Perfect for those rainy days!! Don’t have a treadmill? Don’t worry – there are dog “gyms” that you can visit that are ready for you! (next up – dog personal training?)
  • Indoor Dog Pool: Pools are a great way to rehabilitate dogs with injuries, but now you can also find pools that you can take your do to for some great indoor exercise. Most will be salt water with no added chemicals to keep your dog safe while they’re enjoying their swim.

Avy and I haven’t tried any of these options yet but we will be sure to update you if and when we do! Does anyone out there have other interesting ways of exercising/entertaining their dog that they would like to share?