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Vancouver’s best dog-friendly patio – The Rock Chute Kitchen and Bar Patio on Mt. Seymour

A picture of the dog-friendly outdoor patio and tent at the Rock Chute Kitchen and Bar Patio on Mount Seymour, North Vancouver, BC

Opening soon for the 2022 Summer Season!

If you are looking for a day of adventure and fun with your dog, followed by great food and drinks on a picturesque patio, you’re going to want to check out The Rock Chute Kitchen & Bar Patio on Mount Seymour. The pub has taken over a section of the parking lot to create a large outdoor seating area where dogs aren’t only allowed – they’re welcomed!

With the backdrop of the mountain in the background, you quickly forget that you’re sitting in a parking lot. Add delicious food and an excellent drink menu, and you’re almost set. The only thing missing is a meal for the dog – but wait – they have you covered there too!

When they decided to become a dog-friendly patio, the Rock Chute took the welcome one step further and added a “doggie menu.” That’s right – your dog can order and enjoy a meal along with you.

The rock chute kitchen and bar patio doggie menu


The Rock Chute Kitchen & Bar Patio will be open all spring and summer for lunch and brunch from 10am to 4pm on Thursday and Friday and 10am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Check their Facebook page before you head up the mountain for updates such as closures due to weather. Keep in mind that current COVID protocols don’t allow indoor dining, so if the patio is closed, the pub is likely closed too.

It's not just for the mountain's users

Visit the Rock Chute as a destination on its own, or take your dog for a hike on one of Mount Seymour’s many hiking trails. Then you can round out your day with a trip to the pub. Either way, it’s worth the visit.

The patio experience is top-notch

On our visit to the pub, we opted to sit in the low patio couches so that Avy could be close by and easy to manage. The bright blue cushions contrasted brilliantly with orange umbrellas and planters filled with flowers creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere. The throwback music and upbeat attitude of the staff combined with the décor to create a fun atmosphere that made us just want to settle in and enjoy.

Even with the snow-covered hills behind us, the temperature on the patio was around 20 degrees and the direct sun was very hot, so the shade from the umbrellas was welcome. So was the glass bottle of water delivered to our table to replenish our glasses as needed. Avy was also given a bowl of ice water which kept her cool and happy as she sat and chilled with us.

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COVID-19 protocols were strictly in place, with the tables well spaced out through the patio. There were natural barriers of flower planters between the tables, which added to the décor and the sense of safety and distance. We observed the staff sanitizing the tables and chairs at each table as soon as the occupants left. We felt very comfortable that safety was top of mind.

Service at the pub was top-notch. While we were there, we interacted with 3 servers/staff members who brought our food and drinks, checked to make sure we were happy, and kept everything clean and sanitized. The staff was super friendly and understandably proud of the atmosphere they have created.

The food and drinks at The Rock Chute are mouth watering

On a recommendation from our server, we both opted to try the house-smoked brisket sandwich. It was definitely a good choice. The brisket was melt-in-your-mouth tender, and it was prepared like a Rueben, with sauerkraut on rye bread.

If a burger is more your style, they go the extra mile by adding a couple of thick onion rings and deep-fried pickles. You’ll definitely need to open wide to fit it all in your mouth!

In addition to the Doggie Menu, they have a Kid’s Menu, a Brunch Menu, a Summer Menu and their All Day Menu. You’ll have to check out The Rock Chute’s menus online at the moment as they have temporarily eliminated printed menus due to COVID-19.

Come prepared for snow on the trails

We visited on a sunny day in mid-May, intending to hike to Dog Mountain. To our surprise, the snow was still all the way down to the parking lot and we weren’t prepared for a snowy hike, so we opted to play with Avy in the snow at the bottom of the ski-run instead. She was thrilled to play in the snow and sit in the sun on the patio – we thought it was pretty cool to play in the snow while wearing shorts and t-shirts and then warm up on the sun-soaked patio!

For more information about the hikes and trails on Mount Seymour, check out the following links:

Overall we give our experience at the Rock Chute a five out of five. From their welcoming atmosphere for humans and dogs, yummy food, fun atmosphere and beautiful scenery, it is definitely a destination we will visit more than once this summer.

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