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Cover photo - woof the dog that did doggie things childrens book about dogs

WOOF! The Dog That Did Doggie Things children's book about dogs

The Dog Network is proud to introduce its first children’s book about dogs!

Written in collaboration with Lindsay Ford, from Bread and Clutter Books. Illustrations by Lindsay Ford.

Woof! The Dog That Did Doggie Things is about a young dog who tries really hard to be good and make her humans happy. But for Avy sometimes the temptation to be bad is just TOO strong. As she continues to make mistakes and get in trouble, she starts to learn the joy that being good can bring. She learns to be not only the best dog she can be, but to help others be their best selves as well.

This books teaches children that sometimes mistakes can happen but you can learn from those mistakes and develop into your best self.

Suitable for all ages.

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Avy was an amazing dog!

She definitely wasn’t ordinary. When she passed, we were devastated and we wanted to do something to honour and preserve her memory.

Creating this whimsical children’s book about her helped us process our grief, and we think you will agree that her goofy character and spirit are captured in the pages this book.

But there are so many more wonderful memories and Avy-tales to share … this could turn into a series.

Avy sitting on the couch with a big goofy grin - the dog network's children's book-1
The dog network's children's book - stacey and avy
Stacey and Avy

Best friends forever!

Avy was an incredibly special dog – often more human than dog in her personality. We had the best connection – I could look at her and know what she was thinking, and she would do the same with me. Often when laughing I would glance down and see that she was smiling and laughing along as well.

More than just my best friend, Avy was the love of my life. We did everything together, from tons of travelling, camping, hiking and adventures, to visiting all of the dog-friendly places we could find.

I hope you enjoy reading about Avy’s antics in her children’s books as much as I enjoyed making the memories with her.

–  Stacey

Avy Just Ate my Birthday Cake!!
The dog ate the birthday cake - woof the dog that did doggie things children's book about dogs
Dog in a christmas tree - woof the dog that did doggie things children's book about dogs
AVY! Christmas decorations are NOT chew toys!
Avy loved to make new friends!
Avy dog with a young dog friend - woof the dog that did doggie things children's book about dogs
Dogs learning a lesson to be good - woof the dog that did doggie things children's book about dogs
She became the BEST good-dog she could BE!!

About the authors

Stacey Kerkhoff is one of the founders of The Dog Network and Avy’s human. She and Avy spent years making memories that she is thrilled to share in this book.

Lindsay Ford is an award-winning author, illustrator and publisher  of children’s books for Bread+Clutter Books, an independent publishing house on Vancouver Island. Her books have been described as “new age”; fun for ages one to one hundred. She lent her story writing skills and artistic ability to creating this wonderful book.

Lindsay ford and stacey kerkhoff at filberg festival
Stacey Kerkhoff (left), Lindsay Ford (right)

Lindsay Ford/Bread+Clutter children's books have been featured by the following media outlets:

Lindsay reading her books to children at a public library.
Lindsay reading her books to children at a public library.

Highlights and press for Bread+Clutter children's books

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