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Welcome to our Gear Page

These are some of the things we’ve used over the years and recommend to our friends. This page also includes some items which have come highly recommended to us, though we have not yet used them ourselves.

This page contains affiliate links to help you find more information about the products we suggest, and to help us earn a small commission if you make a purchase.

There is no additional cost to you.

Dog Toys

Kong Wobbler

Kong wobbler 1
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This toy is an Avy favourite. Put some treats or kibble inside it and let your dog bat it around while they slowly fall out. It will keep them (and you) highly entertained!

Like all Kong products, the Wobbler is exceptionally durable. Even the most aggressive of chewers should not be able to destroy it.

Snuffle Mat

Dog snuffle mat bowl 3
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The snuffle mat is a great way to occupy your pup when they are feeling bored. It’s also a perfect solution for a dog that likes to gobble down their dinner too quickly.

Sprinkle the kibble around the mat and tuck it under the folds. Your dog will have to sniff out the treats making this a high reward game for them to play.

The mat we recommend can be cinched up into a bowl to slow down a fast eater, or laid out flat as an entertaining game.

Puppy Kong

Puppy kong
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I used to fill Avy’s with peanut butter and freeze it. It kept her busy and satisfied her need to chew.

I used to fill Avy’s with peanut butter and freeze it. It kept her busy and satisfied her need to chew.

Ruffwear Floating Frisbee

Ruffwear floating frisbee
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Another toy with the Avy stamp of approval. Avy loves the water and having a frisbee to retrieve, takes the swimming experience to a whole new level.

The Ruffwear Frisbee is available in both teal and orange. Avy has an affinity for all orange toys so we opted to get that one. It’s been 8 years and we still have it!

Chuck-it! Balls

Chuck it balls
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Despite a variety of dog balls on the market, nothing beats a chuck-it! They are durable, long-lasting and universally loved by all dogs.

Chuck-its! are available in a variety of sizes to suit your pets needs.

Perfect for a game of fetch at the park or even for a really good chew, this ball is a must have.

Dog Crates and Gates

Folding Metal Dog Crate

Dog crate
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This collapsible dog crate has been a life-saver for us on more than one occasion. We love to camp and often the activity around the site is too much for Avy to comfortably settle and rest. Enter the crate: we set it up and she will immediately go in and have a sleep.

The crate is also great for road trips and visiting family. We rarely close the door but Avy loves having a space of her own to retreat to when she needs a break.

This crate is also good for puppies as it comes with a movable inside piece so you can adjust the size as your pup grows.

Folding Metal Crate Cover

Crate cover
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As much as I love our folding metal crate, it is not always super helpful when Avy can see out of it to everything that is going on around her.

Enter the crate cover. The cover nicely blocks out all of the distractions and allows Avy to get a proper rest when we are on the road.  I highly recommend getting a crate cover if you plan on travelling with your dog.

The crate cover is also useful if you are using the crate at home. It creates a den like atmosphere that allows your dog to truly relax.

Foldable Dog Pen

Dog pen
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The foldable dog pen has been a game changer for us. It is SO versatile. Need to keep your dog contained while you are working or making dinner? Done! Need to block off a door or put up a barrier on a yard? You can do that too.

Because the pen can be folded up it is super easy to travel with, and it can either be put together as a pen or stretched out to provide a barrier to keep your dog from getting into something they shouldn’t.

Grooming Products

The Furminator

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If you have a dog with an undercoat you know what it is like when they “blow their coat” twice a year… (think tumbleweeds of fur). The Fruminator has been great for helping with the de-shedding process. Especially at those times of year when the “butt tufts” start showing up.

As a bonus, Avy loves being brushed so it’s a nice bonding time for us as well.

Earthbath Shampoo

Earthbrand shampoo
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Earthbath Shampoo has been my go-to since Avy was a puppy. It comes in a variety of formulas and you can choose a scented or unscented version.

Our favourite is the unscented oatmeal & aloe “flavour”. It helps with Avy’s itchy skin and leaves her nice and soft.

Rubber Grooming Brush

Rubber grooming brush
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The rubber grooming brush was initially an impulse buy for me. Avy loves being brushed and so I decided to give the brush a try.

What I found was that the brush is perfect for use in the bath. It really helps with making sure all of the suds are rinsed out at the end.

It is also great for making sure I got all the mud (as Avy is a BIG fan of mud puddles). It’s now a critical component of our grooming supplies.

Health and Safety

Inflatable Cone

Soft cone
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Over the years Avy has needed to wear a cone more times than I can count. Her allergies result in itchy skin and/or ears that lead her to fuss with herself. She understandably HATES a regular cone so we examined other options.

Enter the inflatable cone. This cone is smaller which allows her to maneuver around the house more easily. It also serves as a travel pillow which she loves. She has gone from hating a cone to actually enjoying having it on.

One word of caution: the cone is not as deep as a traditional cone so you will need to make sure your dog cannot  reach the spot you are trying to keep them from, while they have it on.

Nite Ize LED Collar

Niteize collar
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There are a variety of brands that make these LED collars but the only one I have tried myself is the Nite Ize.

The collar comes in one size that you can cut to fit your dog. For Avy I opted to leave it as is. I simply pop it over her head like a necklace when we are going out after dark.

It is nice and bright and definitely keeps us visible while we are out and about.

Nite Ize Collar Light

Nite ize collar light
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If the Nite Ize collar isn’t your thing, or if you’re like me and like to have back-ups, the Nite Ize collar light is an awesome product.

The small light clips right onto your dogs collar. The light can either be set as a sold light or you can have it cycle through a variety of colours. It can also double as a lovely accessory  🙂

At times I have let Avy wear the collar while I put the collar light on my bag so we both have some visibility. Either way it is a must-have for us.

Pet First Aid Kit

Pet first aid kit
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If you like to adventure with your pet then a pet first aid kit is a must. You can either create your own, or buy one of many that are available on the market.

The one you choose should depend on the type of adventuring you do with your dog. This one is quite extensive and I like it beause we love to hike, swim and camp with Avy.

Kong Dental Ball

Kong dental ball
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Avy first experienced the Kong Dental Ball at her besties house. She was immediately attracted to the shape and texture of the ball and had a great time playing with it. What a bonus to discover it also helps with her dental health.

Dog Beds and Blankets

Calming Dog Bed

Cozy dog bed
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I will be the first to admit that Avy is a little bit spoiled. And part of that is that she has more than one dog bed. Of the three beds that she has, the calming dog bed is her favourite.

One disclaimer about this bed is that when it arrives it is NOT as thick and plush as it appears in the pictures. I was a bit disappointed when I opened it up. But for Avy, her criteria for a good bed is that it has a soft cozy fabric and a pillow. And this bed has both.

So while I may have been less impressed when it arrived, Avy’s love of it means that it makes the list. (For context: Avy has the XL bed).

Bedsure Waterproof Dog Bed

Bedsure waterproof dog bed
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The Bedsure waterproof dog bed was Avy’s Christmas present last year. We love to camp, which can sometimes lead to damp weather. Avy also loves to swim and lie down in mud puddles. Getting a waterproof bed just seemed like a good idea.

I was quite happy when this bed arrived. It came just as promised – with a cozy liner on the top for Avy’s comfort, and a waterproof layer that keeps the stuffing inside from getting wet or mouldy. Avy seems pretty happy with it too.

Keeping Cool

Cool Pet Pad

Cool pet pad
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Avy is a cold weather dog. Give her a snow bank any day of the week – she will happily play and lie down in it. Hot weather gets her less excited.

To help keep her cool I have tried a variety of cooling pet beds. The two main types are water-filled and those that come filled with a cooling gel. I have tried them both and have to say that Avy seems to enjoy the gel bed the most.

While the water bed was still good, it also sprung  a leak after just one season. For that reason I am recommending the gel bed instead.

Cool Coat

Cool coat
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The cool coat was a fantastic addition to my wide array of dogs supplies. I bought the cool coat when we were planning a summer trip to the Okanagan. I knew that Avy wouldn’t be used to the hot, dry weather.

The coal coat did exactly what it promised – kept her cool. Dip the coat in water for a few seconds and then put it on your dog for long lasting cool. Avy had the biggest smile when she was wearing it and looked forward to me putting it on her.

If I had to change anything it would be the colour. A German Shepherd in an orange coat? Everyone thought she was a working dog! Other than that I loved the purchase.

Collapsible Water Bowl

Outward hound water bowl
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Hiking is one of our favourite fair-weather activities. Obviously when we hit the trails Avy is a big part of the experience!  Regardless of the weather your dog will need fresh water whenever engaging in physical activity. However in the hot summer months hydration is even more important.

This collapsible water bowl is lightweight and perfect for hiking. Bring along a water bottle for both you and your pup, and make sure that you offer it often! 

Other Supplies

Ultra Absorbant Door Mat

Absorbant dog door mat
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This was on my Christmas list my first year having Avy – 10 years later it is still at my front door!

The ultra absorbant microfibre is perfect for drying off her paws. It also provides a great spot for her to sit while I towel her down on those rainy days. Definiely a favourite.

Soft Sided Basket

Soft sied basket
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If you are anything like me, you probably have an abundance of dog toys that need a home.

For Avy’s toys I have a soft-sided cotton rope basket. I love it because it’s big enough to easily hold all of her toys. The  gray and white colour also matches any decor.

Poop Bags

Poop bags
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You can’t get around it – if you have a dog then you have to have poop bags. I like the “Earth Rated” bags because they are made from recycled materials and have an additive to help them break down.

The Earth Rater bags are also extra thick and hold the scent inside. Definitely helpful when you have to carry out a bag of poop for a long period of time while on a hike!

Compostable Poop Bags

Compostable poop bags
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If you are looking for a poop bag that really minimizes the environmental impact, try compostable poop bags.

Made by Earth Smart the compostable bags offer all the same benefits of their regular recycled poop bag, with the added bonus that they are compostable.

The compostable bags are quite a bit more expensive, but give you the peace of mind of knowing you are protecting the environment.

Retractable Leash

Retractable dog leash
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Not everyone is a fan of the retractable dog leash, but when used correctly it can be a lifesaver.

I often hike and snowshoe with Avy and using the retractable leash allows her to explore the trail a bit more freely. It is also a lot safer when going down a steep or slippery hill. 

Microfibre Dog Towel

Microfibre dog towel
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Another must-have in my collection – a quick-dry dog towel. I keep a microfibre towel in my car to give Avy a quick-dry after a particularly wet or muddy walk.

I also keep one at home for those rainy days.

Keeping Your House Clean and Organized

Bissell Little Green Pro-Heat Machine

Bissell pro heat
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Having a dog means extra dirt in your house. Carpets, upholstery and your car are never quite the same.

The Bissell Little Green Pro-Heat is an effective and compact steam cleaning machine. It’s easy to use and store.

Just try not to be too shocked at the colour of the water when you are done. 

Umbra Sticks Coat Hooks

Umbra coat hooks
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For organizing leashes, towels and other assorted items, I love the Umbra “Sticks” coat hook.

It mounts to the wall and you pull down the hooks as you need them. When you don’t you can tuck them away.

It makes it perfect for hallways where you don’t have a lot of space. I love it so much I have two of them!