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Andy Livingstone Park (off-leash dog park), Vancouver, BC

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Park Features
Leashing Requirements:
  • Off-leash areas
  • On-leash areas
  • No dogs allowed areas
Dog Features:
  • Fully fenced and gated off-leash enclosure
  • Double gated entry (to the off-leash enclosure)
  • Drinking water
Size of off-leash area (Parks):
  • Small
Other Features (Parks):
  • Playground
  • Washrooms
  • Lighted sports field
  • Basketball court
  • Soccer field
  • Flush toilets
Park Governance: City, Municipal, Township, etc.

Andy Livingston Park is located on the outskirts of Chinatown in downtown Vancouver, BC. It is best known for its two fully lit, turf soccer fields. However next to the soccer fields you will find a fully fenced dog off-leash area. In addition to the dog space there area also paths, park benches and a children's play area to explore.

The off-leash space at the park is built on a slope and has a dirt surface. Dogs enjoy the dirt surface for running, playing and digging, but it can get messy when it rains.

There is a park bench inside of the off-leash space and two benches just outside of it. Perfect for dog owners to relax while their dogs play. The park also has poop bag dispensers and garbage cans. No excuses for not picking up after your dog.

Is There Parking at Andy Livingston Park?

Most of the parking at the park is metered street parking. There are a couple of parkades in the area that you can also use, but of course there is a charge for parking there also.

A view of the off-leash area at Andy Livingston Park in Vancouver, BC
A view of the benches outside the dog off-leash area at Andy Livingston Park in Vancouver, BC
89 Expo Blvd Vancouver BC Canada

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