Blackcomb Springs Suites (dog-friendly) Hotel, Whistler, BC

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Hotel Features:
  • Dog friendly
  • No size restrictions
  • No breed restrictions

The Blackcomb Springs Suites is located partway up Blackcomb mountain. It is a short drive or 10-minute walk to get to the upper village from the hotel.

The hotel welcomes dogs (maximum 2 per room) and provides treats and poop bags in the lobby. You will need to bring your own dog bed, towels and bowls as the hotel does not provide any.

Summer at the Blackcomb Springs

If you choose to visit the Blackcomb Springs in the summer be aware that there is no air conditioning in the rooms. The hotel staff try and assign rooms shaded by trees to people with dogs. It can get quite hot in the room even with the shade.

Walking your dog in the summer is lovely because you can head straight out onto the ski hill. If you want to walk down to the village the fastest route is to walk down the hill.

Winter at the Blackcomb Springs

Visiting the Blackcomb Springs with your dog in the winter is a bit more challenging. The ski hill is in use so you cannot walk out to the mountain. It is also a much longer (and colder!) walk to get to the upper villiage.

Access to Whistler Village from the Blackcomb Springs

As mentioned above, the hotel is located partway up the mountain and is not in the village itself. To get to the village you can walk (easier in the summer), drive or take a free shuttle from the hotel. The shuttle is not dog friendly.

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Contact Information
4899 Painted Cliff Road, Whistler, BC, Canada

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