Gallows Point Lighthouse Park (off-leash dog park), Protection Island, Nanaimo, BC

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Gallows Point Lighthouse off-leash park is located on Protection Island in Nanaimo, BC. To get there you have to take a small ferry from a dock at Front Street and Promenade Drive. The ferry is dog-friendly and foot passenger only (no vehicles). It takes approximately 10 minutes to get from Nanaimo to the dock on Protection Island at the Dinghy Dock Pub.

When you arrive on the island you will notice that everyone there either walks, bikes, or drives a golf cart to get around the island.

The island has a main road that circles the entire island. To get to the dog park you can follow this road to the right when you leave the ferry. The dog park is approximately a 10 minute walk away. While walking be sure to take in the whimsical street names and unique cottages and houses that you pass by. You will also find some signs with local history along the way.

The dog park itself is a grassy area with a beach access where your dog can go for a swim. The beach is fairly rocky but Avy still enjoyed racing around and splashing in the water.

The Dinghy Dock Pub

One of the main attractions on the island is the floating Dinghy Dock Pub. If you are hungry on the way back, stop and check it out.

The pub patio is not dog-friendly so we opted to get take out fish and chips and eat them in the park next door. There were picnic tables and views of the ocean. It was the perfect spot for a picnic dinner.

  • Off-leash areas
Dog Features:
  • Swimming area (beach)
Size of off-leash area (Parks):
  • Medium
208 Colvilleton Trail, Nanaimo, BC V9R 6R1, Canada

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