Seven Sisters Trail On-Leash Hike, Cultus Lake, BC

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Seven Sisters Trail (16)
Park Governance: Regional (Provincial or State)

Once on the trail it is a short 10 minute walk to get to the 7 sisters.  From there you can either turn back and return to where you started, or for a longer hike keep going until you get to Entrance Bay campground.  Once at Entrance Bay take a few minutes to check out the scenery and use the facilities (they have flush toilets!) before you return back the way that you came.

The Seven Sisters trail connects the Entrance Bay Provincial campsite with the Clear Creek Provincial campsite.   In the middle of the trail you will find the "Seven Sisters" - a grouping of old growth Douglas Fir trees.  Over time several of the trees have fallen and currently there are only 3 still standing.   Signage marks the  area where you will find the trees.

You can start the trail at either the Entrance Bay campsite or the Clear Creek campsite.  We prefer to start at the Clear Creek campsite and park in the Spring Bay picnic area parking lot.  Note:  dogs are not allowed in the picnic area itself so after you park be sure to go straight along the trail to access the campsite and trailhead.

In front of the parking lot there is a trail that you can follow, past the garbage cans and outhouse.  Follow this up to the second turn off on the left.

Seven Sisters Trail (3)
Seven Sisters Trail (4)
Seven Sisters Trail (5)
Seven Sisters Trail (7)

From here you can cross the road and access the Clear Creek campground.  Keep walking up the campground road and past the campground map and you will see the trailhead on your left.

  • Pit toilets
  • Flush toilets
Garbage Cans:
  • Standard garbage cans
  • Recycling bins
Trail Features
Trail difficulty:
  • Beginner
Trail length:
  • Between 1 and 5 kilometers
Trail terrain:
  • Dirt or gravel
  • Rocky
  • Exposed roots
Elevation gain:
  • Mild
Elevation gain (exact): 188
Columbia Valley Highway, Cultus Lake, BC, Canada

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