Dogs in the Workplace

I work in an office tower in the city and every once in awhile the topic of bringing your dog to work comes up. It seems that people have very mixed ideas about this topic…some love the idea of having dogs in the office (whether they have a dog of their own or not) and others are dead set against it. There doesn’t seem to be much common ground.

Now in my particular workplace dogs aren’t allowed so when the debate comes up it’s a bit of a non-starter as far as conversation goes. Someone will ask if they can bring their dog, a few people will venture opinions, someone will eventually say that they aren’t allowed and it’s game over.

But I do know that there are quite a few offices out there that ARE allowing dogs to come to work. I’m very curious about how this works. While Avy would LOVE to come to work with me the social butterfly in her would have her going from office to office, cubicle to cubicle visiting all of her new friends. And given that she knows exactly how an elevator works I wouldn’t be surprised to see her riding between floors, making even more friends.  As fun as that would be it would be VERY distracting for all concerned, most of all me.

So how do offices that allow dogs manage it?  Are there criteria that the dogs have to meet?  Are only certain sizes or breeds allowed?  Are the limits to how many are allowed? If anyone out there works in a dog friendly building I’d LOVE to hear your stories.

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