Dog Friendly Snowshoeing on Mount Seymour

Today Matt, Avy and I went up Mount Seymour to go snowshoeing to Dog Mountain.  It’s early season for snowshoeing so we weren’t sure what to expect from the roads and the snow conditions.  All week the mountains have been showcasing beautiful new snow lines so everyone in the city was anxious to hit the slopes.

To our surprise the road was in good condition and there was plenty of parking at the top.  It was overcast, snowing lightly and -1 when we arrived, perfect conditions for going for a snow hike!

Beautiful new snow
Beautiful new snow

The Dog Mountain trail is one of the most popular snowshoeing trails in the City – it’s free, dog friendly (however dogs are required to be on leash) and boasts stunning views from the top.  The trail was fairly busy but everyone was super friendly and it wasn’t so crowded that you couldn’t enjoy the walk.


Because it’s early season the snow base isn’t very deep yet.  There were a number of areas on the trail where there were exposed streams that we had to cross but with significant amounts of new snow over the past week the trees were covered and everything was beautiful.

The trail is quite hard packed and snowshoes aren’t strictly required – many people were wearing boots with crampons or even just hiking boots.

By the end of the hike it was snowing hard so it looks like conditions for tomorrow will be even better.  Bring on the winter season!

First Lake snow
Pretty great for the first weekend!

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