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Winter Walking: Mosquito Park – North Vancouver

Last Saturday was another one of those perfect winter days in Vancouver – cold, clear and beautifully sunny.  Just the type of day for finding a new place to walk. Being Saturday my niece who attends university close to where we live had some free time so Avy and I picked her up and went off in search of adventure. Mosquito Park in North Vancouver is where we found it.

Mosquito Park is a great place for a walk – winter or summer. Why I love it?

  • It’s off-leash.
  • There are lots of garbage cans.
  • There are poop bag stations.
  • A creek/river runs next to the trail with lots of area’s for dogs to enter and cool down or have a drink.
  • It’s an easy trail.
  • It’s long enough (approx. 9 km round trip) to get a good walk in.

Why it’s great in the winter:  The tree’s keep you dry for most of your walk and there is plenty of room for you dog to get a lot of exercise.  The clearings provide a great spot to throw a ball and have play time while the trees around shelter you from wind (there is NOTHING worse then standing in an open field in the rain and wind in the middle of winter).  And the best news yet?  The trails aren’t muddy.

For today we were enjoying being in the tree’s, enjoying the crisp air and when we got to the open sunny parts is was surprisingly warm!  I’ve also walked Mosquito Park on snow days and it is just as much fun. The tree’s keep most of the path clear but there are some great clearings for your dog to run around and play in the snow.