Dog Friendly Winter Activities – Whistler’s Off Leash Snowshoe Trails

Ski Callaghan, Whistler, BC

On a recent visit to Whistler (one of our favourite places!!) it was recommended that we visit the Whistler Olympic Park and Ski Callaghan to check out their off-leash snowshoe trails.  They are two side by side parks that operate as one.  When we visited we were pleasantly surprised to find a large number of dog friendly and off leash trails that we could explore.  Tickets are $16 per person and the scenery is absolutely beautiful.  You can also rent snowshoes on site if you do not have your own.

To access most of the dog friendly trails park, in the Ski Callaghan parking lot (this is located just before the gatehouse to Whistler Olympic Park).  It will also save you an additional $16 for parking.

We have listed the park in our directory as well as put in a listing for each of the off leash trails with a short description of the distance, difficulty and elevation.  If you are looking for a fun winter activity that you can do with your dog I recommend checking it out!

Ski Callaghan, Whistler, BC
Ski Callaghan, Whistler, BC

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