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Kamloops Off-Leash Dog Parks and Hikes Roundup

Map of all Kamloops Off-Leash Dog Parks and Hikes

Kamloops has 24 officially designated off-leash dog parks or hikes:

  • 5 with fully fenced and gated enclosures
  • 2 with a separate enclosure for small dogs
  • 13 with off-leash hiking trails
  • 4 with a beach or swimming area

Click through to our directory listings for more details, pictures, maps and links.

Many of the areas are pieces of undeveloped public land and have no park infrastructure whatsoever. We applaud The City of Kamloops for designating so many spaces off-leash but we had a heck of a time finding access points and trailheads, and found that some of them aren’t terribly practical places to access or play off-leash with your dog. Please help us out in the comments section with your personal experiences.

Kamloops Off-leash Dog Parks, Hikes and Beaches


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    1. Hi Stevan – thanks for your comment! Yes, the Peterson Creek trails are off-leash (dogs allowed off-leash and under control). Here is a link to the trail map:

      There are many different entrances to the trail system – we have this one in our queue to add to our directory very soon with the possible entries listed. For now you can also get additional information from the City website here:

      Let us know if you check out the trails and how you and your dog enjoy them!

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