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Pacific Spirit Park – continuing adventures

Pacific Spirit Park Continuing Adventures - IMG_0014

Almost every weekend Avy and I head out to Pacific Spirit Park for a walk in the woods – I’ve blogged about our adventures in the park before. Almost all of the trails are leash optional and Avy loves to explore the woods. Usually when we go we park on Chancellor Blvd and walk the trails around the Canyon. This weekend we decided to explore an area of the park that we’ve never been to before – so off we went to West 16th Avenue to enter a new set of trails.

We entered the park off on the South Side of West 16th onto the Salal trail. From there we turned on the Cleveland Trail and spent some time on the Nature, Sword Fern and and Salish trails. I would describe the exact route we took but my sense of direction in the woods isn’t the most fantastic (it’s a good thing we invited Matt along with us or we may still be in there).

Every area of the park that I explore is slightly different than the last. This particular trail was beautiful with wide paths, lots of greenery and plenty of puddles for Avy to play in. The only downside to the area is that some of the trails are mandatory on-leash so it’s important to pay attention to the trail markers to ensure you don’t find yourself off leash in a protected area.

We walked the area for well over an hour and easily could have kept going – if it hadn’t been getting dark. Avy LOVED these trails and had a grin on her face a mile wide as she ran back and forth, splashing in puddles and chasing sticks. We’ll definitely be back – but next time I may just bring my handheld GPS!

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