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The Avy Diaries – Part 2: The Weekend is Here


The workweek is finally over, and the weekend is here! I LOVE weekends! On the weekend, Mom, my friend Matt (one of my very favourite humans), and I always go on fun adventures. Sometimes we go and explore new dog parks, other times we’ll go for a hike or visit a new area.

Last weekend we drove in the truck to a place called Whistler where I got to play in the snow. Playing in the snow is one of my favourite things to do. I was pretty tired when we drove back home.

This weekend mom said we had to stay close to home. She is doing something she calls “social-distancing,” which means that she isn’t allowed to play with other humans up close. We went out to the forest near where we live. It was a sunny day, and there were LOTS of people around. Most of them wanted to pet me as I went by, and there were lots of other dogs on the trails. It was a lot busier than usual.

I got a little bit muddy on the trails. I love to lie down in a good mud puddle, it’s nice and refreshing after a good run. Mom said I couldn’t track mud into the house, so I would have to have a bath when we got home. I really hate baths, so I gave her my best “I’m not happy” look. This time my sad face worked, and she decided that we could go to the beach and wash off instead (whew!)

The beach is just as much fun as playing in the snow. Naturally, I was pretty excited. We picked an area of the beach where there weren’t many other people. It was pretty hard to do – there were people everywhere and even more dogs to say hello to. Mom made me wait before we walked down to the beach so that some other people that were there could leave first.

After I had a swim, it was time to go back home. Sometimes mom will go out in the afternoon after our adventures, but this time she stayed home with me. She said it was more social-distancing. I’m not sure how this is all going to last, but today was a pretty fun day, so I’m ok with it.

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