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The Avy Diaries – Chapter 5: Week 2 of Social Distancing

The Avy Diaries - Part 5

This is our second week of “social distancing,” and things are definitely strange! Mom is still doing the telework on the computer every day, but she seems a little less cheerful than she was last week. The rest of the people on the computer look a bit less cheerful as well. I try and run behind the camera as much as possible because that makes everyone laugh and smile. Ever dog needs to have a job, and right now, my job is to make everyone smile.

Mom and I still go for a walk on the trails every day, but now everyone out there keeps their distance. There is no chance of saying hello to anyone. Mom says that this is really good, and we are all helping to make things better, but it makes me a bit sad to not say hello when I’m out and about. I’m a very social doggie, so all of this distance feels very strange!

I found a new game to play at home! I take my favourite ball and roll it under the couch. Then I cry and give Mom my sad eyes until she gets it out for me.

Then I chew on it for a few minutes and send it under the couch again. It gives Mom something to do, and I really think it helps keep her from getting too bored.

I have been a bit restless in the evenings lately. Probably because I take a lot more naps during the day! Mom has been looking for ways to keep me busy.

A couple of times we went down to the parkade and she threw the ball for me. That was lots of fun, and I got my zoomies out! She also looked for some new tricks to teach me. She tried to teach me to bow and to weave around her in circles. I wasn’t a big fan of doing the tricks, but I really liked all of the treats that I got to eat! Mom says we will work more on this another day. We’ll see.

Now it’s the weekend, and that usually means adventure time! I’ll let you know soon what Mom and I got up to.

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